ViaBridges creates lasting pathways that join worlds together. Our vision balances engineering excellence with a strong touch of beauty.

The bridges we design, and our road structures, heavy-load transporting, railway bridges, and seismic work – all demonstrate our core commitment to integrating top expertise with inspiring creativity. ViaBridges delivers solid safety, with insightful solutions that redefine space.

Driven by innovation and ambition to work closely with all our clients, we offer the full scope of civil engineering services. ViaBridges covers the entire lifecycle of any project, from initial concept phase to design and development, approvals and implementation, and completion and commissioning. We partner with industry leaders to generate optimized solutions, while going above and beyond to secure sustainability.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the fast-paced and vibrant ViaBridges team is geared to meet any engineering challenge, anywhere in the world.

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