ViaBridges specializes in a wide prism of bridge projects, including design, engineering, assessment, and rehabilitation. We also offer niche services in heavy-load transporting, highway and railway structures, and seismic retrofit.

Our advanced operational processes secure safety and boost performance while maintaining schedules and optimizing budgets. In all that we do, we apply a perceptive approach based on the worldview engineering excellence nurtures beauty in landscape and public space. This gives all our clients an extra special edge, realizing their vision sustainably and creatively.

We are involved in many of Israel’s mega-scale projects, paving new pathways and opening up remote areas by expanding connectivity. The long-lasting effect of our work reaches far into the future. In projects that expose the landscape, transform routes, change places, and the link between environments, ViaBridges redefines spaces for people to relive lasting experiences.


Beautiful Bridges

Bridges are our passion. For us, bridges are engineering landmarks that expose real relationships and symbolize a true connection. ViaBridges sees these signature structures as the ultimate way to join worlds together.

Building bridges is an extremely exceptional engineering achievement. To meet each challenge, ViaBridges brings covers two decades of practical experience, and integrates all aspects of bridge building, from designing the structure to estimating new traffic patterns, re-mapping geographic distances, considering eco-construction materials, assessing environmental impacts, and more.

From blueprint to bridge, our bridges are planned to create a seamless continuum in space, paving the way forward for new relationships, better ways, and far-reaching dreams.

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Heavy Transporting

With a mission to move, ViaBridges is expert in planning and executing heavy cargo transporting. We are innovative at mobilizing giants that weigh hundreds of tons, across hundreds of miles, over harsh terrain, busy highways, and the densest urban landscapes.

Our advanced knowledge and hands-on experience enables us to consider several alternatives for each project, with cost-effectiveness and accurate precision. We collaborate with leading firms to maximize state-of-the-art equipment, employing advanced fleets of trucks, transporters (SPMT), trailers, and cranes.

Beyond the engineering effort that is specifically required for transporting each supersized cargo, we take additional critical factors into consideration, such as weather, traffic, and restrictions that surface on site (for example, archeological excavations). Our teams survey the structures on-route before and after each project, to detect construction sensitivities requiring reinforcement. We resolve all engineering challenges to ensure safe passage and secure arrival.

ViaBridges charters the route for giants to ride and reach their destination on time, smoothly, swiftly, and safely.
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