Eastern Railway - Sec. B

Project Description

Via Bridges has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing a crucial segment of the new Israel railway route known as the Eastern railway. This strategically significant route aims to establish an alternative connection from the north to the south of Israel, effectively alleviating the congestion experienced on the heavily utilized coastal railway.

At the heart of this expansive project lies Section B, encompassing a 20-kilometer stretch that incorporates the construction of four rail bridges spanning streams and seven road bridges dedicated to grade separation. This undertaking is pivotal in enhancing the overall transportation infrastructure in the region.

In their role, Via Bridges actively contributed to the intricate design process of these bridges, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, the company played a key role in the preparation of comprehensive tender documents for the design-build tender. This collaborative effort underscores Via Bridges’ commitment to delivering not only functional and efficient infrastructure but also contributing to the overall progress and connectivity of Israel’s railway network.

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