PO-01\PO-02 - Fast lanes - Section 4A

Pedestrian bridges PO-01, PO-02 are design to span over the expanded Rd. 2 as a replacement for the existing shorter pedestrian bridges.
Featuring a spacious 5-meter walkway seamlessly integrated with a single-cell girder, these bridges boast a distinctive and elegant “bird-like” structure, complete with expansive cantilever wings.
The construction of these bridges presented a unique set of challenges, particularly in the ramp area, where a post-tension cast-in-situ concrete method was employed. This method was essential due to the bridges small radius, requiring meticulous consideration in both design and construction phases.
For the segments of these bridges spanning over Rd. 2, precast pre-stressed U girders were utilized, complemented by a cast-in-situ topping. This construction approach facilitated the uninterrupted flow of Rd. 2 traffic during the bridge installation process.
The design of these bridges incorporated state-of-the-art technology, utilizing Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM). The entire calculation and drafting process were executed through the advanced SOFiSTiK FEM and Revit software, ensuring precision and efficiency in both design and implementation.

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