Fast Lanes Shfaim

To tackle traffic congestion in Tel Aviv and lower the number of vehicles on the road, transportation hubs are being built at the northern entrance in Shfaim and southern entrance in Rishon-Lezion. These hubs aim to promote carpooling and the use of public transportation. Denya Cibus won the PPP tender for this project thanks to Via-Bridges’ innovative solutions that lowered the overall budget.

The project comprises of two large parking lots, located in Shfaim and Rishon-Lezion respectively, to provide park-and-ride options for commuters. These parking lots will be connected via a series of bridges. Moreover, to facilitate easy access from Ranana to Road No. 2, a new road, Road No. 541, has been designed in Shfaim. Bridge 541 will traverse over the Ayalon South and North roads, the coastal railway line, and the gas lines

Project Structures (2)

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