Rehabilitation - Grar stream bridge

Project Description

ViaBridges was enlisted to revitalize an aging bridge located on Rd. 25. Erected and designed in the early 1970s, the bridge, constructed with reinforced and prestressed concrete, exhibited a range of issues necessitating rehabilitation. Challenges included displaced sliding bearings, cracks in the abutments, and asbestos coating on the mid piers. Additionally, the task at hand involved fortifying the bridge to enhance its seismic resilience.

To comprehensively assess the structure for all anticipated loads, a 3D model was crafted in alignment with the original blueprints and foundation report. The rehabilitation plan prioritized meeting the capacity requirements of structural elements and soil, along with restricting displacement in the bridge’s foundations.

Upon analysis, it was determined that the bridge met the criteria outlined in Israeli codes, with the exception of the bearings. To address this, the existing neoprene type-B bearings will be replaced with more robust type-C neoprene bearings. Furthermore, the mid piers will undergo a concrete coating process to encapsulate the asbestos layer.

In the abutment section, the structural model identified deficiencies in the existing elements’ strength capacity. Consequently, the decision was made to reinforce the abutment by thickening the walls, installing four new drilled piles at the abutment’s edges, and incorporating two rows of Dyiwdag soil nails into the width wall of the abutment. This comprehensive approach ensures the structural integrity of the bridge, meeting the highest standards of safety and performance.

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