Pinhas Rozen Bridge and Station

The Pinhas Rozen Bridge was designed to support the green line light rail as it crosses over a busy junction on Pinhas Rozen Street. The bridge’s superstructure features U-shaped precast prestressed beams that are 1.45m in height, with a 0.25m cast-in-place deck. One of the key innovations used in this project is the slurry diaphragm mono-shafts, which are directly connected to the bridge’s columns, eliminating the need for pile caps and reducing excavation work.

The bridge is divided into four sections, with each section ranging from 48m to 125m in length and separated by expansion joints. The piers in the middle of each section are connected monolithically to the superstructure, while the piers and abutments at the expansion joints use elastomeric bearings to support the superstructure’s girders. In addition, transversely locked steel bearings were installed at the expansion joint piers and abutments to limit displacement during train operations and seismic activity.

The main section of the bridge features the Pinhas Rozen Station, an elevated station located between the train tracks. The bridge’s design and construction required innovative engineering solutions to overcome the challenges posed by the project’s complexity and location in a heavily trafficked area. The successful completion of the project demonstrates the expertise and capabilities of the design and construction teams involved.