Rehabilitation - Oded bridge

Oded bridge:

ViaBridges has been enlisted to rejuvenate an existing 2-span pedestrian concrete bridge situated in Tel-Aviv. Comprising both reinforced and prestressed concrete, this bridge is seamlessly connected to the pavement through ramps on either side.

The current condition of the bridge is suboptimal, showcasing multiple issues such as concrete cracks, rusted steel elements, exposed reinforcement, inadequate bridge sealing, and a critical concern—significant shear cracks along the main beams in both spans.

Responding to the request from the Tel-Aviv municipality, our mission is to rehabilitate the bridge to meet the prescribed loads outlined in the Israeli standard. Additionally, we aim to fortify the bridge to withstand collision loads on the beams, ensuring the top of the bridge remains securely atop the piers.

The extensive rehabilitation program involves reinforcing the beams with carbon wraps and laminates to endure bending moments and shear forces. Robust steel elements will be strategically incorporated in the abutments and beneath the pedestrian area. Concurrently, we will replace the steel railing in the ramps and undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of the concrete, addressing both the bridge and the associated ramps.

By employing these measures, we are committed to not only restoring the structural integrity of the pedestrian bridge but also elevating it to meet the highest safety standards. Our focus is on ensuring durability and resilience, aligning seamlessly with Israeli standards and surpassing expectations in every aspect of bridge rehabilitation.

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