Road number 2 expansion - Olga Havatzelet section

Road number 2, also known as the coastal road, is the most heavily trafficked route in Israel, attracting an average of 87,000 vehicles per day. Unfortunately, this popularity has also caused massive traffic congestion, particularly during morning rush hours. Without expansion, the section of the road from Hadera to the Havzalet interchange, which passes through Caesarea, Givat Olga, and Beit Yanai interchanges, will likely become a gridlocked nightmare.

To alleviate this problem, Netibi Israel Company (NTI) has been exploring various solutions to upgrade the coastal road. The main goals of this project are to add an extra lane in each direction, eliminate intersections, and build interchanges to improve road safety and reduce traffic accidents. By improving the road’s geometry, drivers will be able to travel safely and comfortably at a planned speed of 110 km/h for most of the journey.

The northern portion of the project includes expanding the Olga north and Olga south interchanges with two new bridges. One of these will replace an existing road bridge, while the other will replace a footbridge. Moreover, the design has placed significant emphasis on the project’s ecological impact, integrating various ecological crossings for the benefit of both animals and travelers. The project will also include sound barriers, U-shaped concrete drains, and sign structures.

As part of the design team for this DB project, Via-Bridges provided preliminary, final, and detailed design services, as well as construction services for the contractor.

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