The Wishing Bridge Of Jaffa

ViaBridges was contacted to rehabilitate a local landmark, Jaffa’s Wishing pedestrian Bridge, right in the heart of the historical old city. Originally constructed in wood in the early 60s, the bridge closed in 2011 due to imbalance from erosion and natural frequency, despite the supporting steel cable added earlier to reinforce it.

By dismantling the bridge’s weathered timber plaques and renewing them, ViaBridges rehabilitated the bridge using its original materials. A new framework was designed in brass and stainless steel, while the temporary cable solution was removed altogether to re-expose the unique bridge in its beautiful setting. Attention was also placed on ensuring it withstands the forces of wind blowing in from the shoreline. Some of its bronze decorations were re-commissioned for renewal by the original artists themselves, coming full circle after more than half a century.

Moreover, ViaBridges also focused on creating a rehabilitation plan that avoids altering the area beneath the bridge, requiring no new digging. This streamlined construction in an area abundant with archeological findings, where new excavations can stall advancement.

The Wishing Bridge overlooks the sea, connecting the city’s Peak Park with Kdumim Square. It is decorated with the 12 zodiac signs made in bronze, the pinnacle of the astrological theme found all across Old Jaffa, especially in street names. The bridge is inspired by the local legend that if you gaze at the Mediterranean holding the right astrological sign, your wish will come true.

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